Rug Cleaning and Repair

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Area Rug Cleaning

Depending on usage, the rugs should be cleaned periodically. Over time, grit and dust are embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is essential.
Over-cleaning is not recommended as they remove the natural lanolin oils from the wools which provide resistance to soiling.
We recommend that cleaning be done by our store or other companies focused on area rugs. Why? Because we check the dyes of the carpet, make sure no colour bleeding occurs, stretch the carpet and then hand wash it.
For minor spills please read below for First Aid for Stains.

Area Rug Repair

Did your dog chew the fringe of the carpet? We can repair it.
We provide repair and restoration for handmade rugs, such as hand made fringes, hand made binding, rips, tears and burn marks and other damages which cannot be repaired by yourself. We can also create loops at the back of your rug for wall hanging.
Properly cared for, your hand knotted rugs can be preserved for generations to come.